Why we Love BMW i3

BMW i3 stands alone in its segment. It features a composite construction, revolutionary electric powertrain, sustainable manufacturing methods, and eclectic modern designs. BMW i3 embodies what a compact electric car can and should be.

If mass-produced electric vehicles like the Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe didn’t catch your attention, and you did not want to spend so much on the high-end models like the Tesla Model S, then you are sure to love the BMW i3. The 2017 i3 adds a number of incredible features to the past model years to entice buyers who still are on the fence. For instance, it includes a new battery system that maintains the dimensions of the previous models, but with an increased overall output of 33-kWh, from the initial 22-kWh. It also has a reduced average energy consumption of 27-kWh per 200 miles. New exterior color and a sunroof are also being offered in the 2017 BMW i3 for the first time.

That said, should you go for the i3? Here are top reasons why we love the BMW i3.

Ease of parking
I3 includes parking aids like proximity sensors, rear-view camera, and an advanced parking assistant that’s able to find appropriate parking spaces and automatically park the car in the designated area.

The car is designed to use 70% less water and 50% less energy. The interior of i3 is made of recyclable and renewable materials, making it an excellent choice for the environmental-conscious individuals.

It is an electric car
One of the best thing about buying electric cars is there is not much to go wrong. There is no transmission, no engine, no differential, or anything to worry about. You don’t need to ensure that it doesn’t overheat or have a gasket problem. You cut all these worries out because the powertrain on an electric car needs no maintenance. The only thing that you’ll need to do is to make sure that all of the other electronics are functional, like door locks, windows, and a power tailgate. Other than that, it is extremely low maintenance.

Quick charging
2017 BMW I3 can attain an 80% battery charge within 40 minutes, using a level-2 charger, which is four times faster than using a conventional 110V wall outlet to charge. Level-2 chargers need a similar kind of electrical connection as a dryer and washer and are easy to install in most homes. There are also stations that offer charging services, and do so in even less time. This means more convenience for you.

In addition to quick charging, the car also features keyless entry, an innovative rear design that offers a single, large opening for cargo and people, and entrance and exit that are aided by the car’s elevated seating position. If you have a smartphone, you will appreciate the fact that the vehicle includes Bluetooth for audio calls, playing music and more.

While the BMW i3 might appear compact, you will be surprised to know that it has as much space inside as the BMW3-series sedan. The car provides enough cabin space for everyone who is onboard and allows for easy entry and exit.